Brief Overview:
From the very start the client had 3 clear goals in mind, which was thenwards on within our responsibility to achieve:
  • Organic traffic increased 574%
  • Conversions from organic traffic increased 236%
  • Revenue from organic traffic increased 145% *this revenue was normalized

When companies start new campaigns with our agency, we always take additional timing and effort to curtail it to specific needs that every business has. The client in this case study was hoping to increase revenue, through expanding their applicable audience (website traffic). They also wanted to bury they dated marketing approach and launch an advanced type of a promotional campaign dictated by a sound Digital Strategy. We decided to take a two-pronged approach to reaching these goals. The first part of this marketing plan was to use an integrated marketing content strategy that incorporated SEO, Link Development, and Social Media. We also needed to focus on foundational, technical improvements for page optimization on the client’s website.

Project details

  • CLIENT: Personality Testing Firm
  • INDUSTRY: Personality Testing SaaS
  • CAMPAIGN TYPE: SEO, Social Media, Content Marketing
  • GOAL: Increase sales and brand awareness through content marketing, social media integration, organic traffic, and conversions
  • STRATEGY: Make site more visible to desired audience with an increase in organic rankings, traffic and conversions

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